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From York County Coast Star newspaper archives (July 21, 1999):

        "Rita was in so much pain that she couldn't cut her food, operate a remote control or shampoo her own hair.  She saw a neurologist first.  Then a rheumatologist.  Words like 'fibromyalgia' and 'polymyalgia rheumatica' - both diseases associated with muscle pain and, potentially, multiple sclerosis - became part of her vocabulary.  She was told she would need to take drugs to combat her ailment. Hating to take even a single aspirin, however, Rantcore sought an alternative.  She found [the Sante Center], who advised her to take... a juice diet, colon therapy, reflexology, and chiropractic care. And before long, a funny thing happened...Rita started healing.  Within two months, she was able to dress herself and pick things up that before had been ungraspable.  By August, she was able to reach her left hand behind and fasten her own bra. 'I just wanted to get rid of the pain, and now I don't have it,' Rita said, still barely believing her newfound, pain-free mobility.  'It just boggles my mind.  I haven't been back to the rheumatologist.'".... 

Dave, who had tried chemotherapy, acupuncture and herbal therapy to combat his low-grade lymphoma, [began services at the Sante Center]. 'After a few months doing some of the things suggested to me, my immune system seemed to restore itself...Gradually, the swelling (in the lymph nodes) went down.' At Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Dave was told that 'whatever I was doing was helpful', so he continued on the plan. Last August, he was told he was in remission... 

Perhaps most dramatic is the story of strong woman, whose battle with multiple sclerosis was coming to a head in December, at which time she lost the vision in her left eye. A neurologist told her she would probably be in a wheelchair within five years, that steroids might help but that she was most likely only going to get worse. It was April [the following year] when she came across [the Sante Center]. Within two weeks of beginning on the plan, [her] vision had returned.  Today, all of her multiple sclerosis symptoms - the lack of balance, the joint pain, the forgetfulness, the dry, scaly skin - are gone.'It worked', she said, who thoroughly enjoyed her return trip to the neurologist.  'I walked in and closed my right eye and said, 'Look what I can do.'  He was amazed, and I loved it.'" 


Skeptic Becomes Advocate

        "In the past 2 full weeks that I have attended the Sante Center, not only have I lost 15lbs under the direction and guidance of [the Center], a diet was formulated specific to my DNA metabolic paterns, and explanation of not only the importance in nutrition and the proper procedure and equipment used with colon hydrotherapy that I have also experienced an amazing detox.  Being new to this, I engaged entering this venture rather uncertain colonics was for me.  I definitely had my doubts but with each visit my confidence in this procedure grew...I can assure you that I shall continue with my program.  Why?  Simply because it works and my body feels the difference."    

        -Priscilla, 11/10