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Nutritional Counseling

What is Nutritional Counseling?

     A nutritional counselor helps people to set achievable health goals and teaches various ways of maintaining these goals throughout their lifetime.  Our intention is to work with you as a coach, to empower you to make your own health-minded decisions and to work at your pace regarding eating and exercise lifestyles.  

Why Nutritional Counseling?

    Various benefits of nutritional counseling include:

     •Increase in energy

     •Healthier lifestyle and food choices

     •Better quality sleep

     •Reduced symptoms and aid in the healing process of disease

     •Less drastic range of emotions


     •Possible increase in longevity

     •Strengthened immune system

     •Lesser chance of disorders and disease appearing

     •Better ability to concentrate

     It’s a difficult battle, here in America.  We are continuously at odds against very informidable forces in the food industry and economic sectors of business and government.  Furthermore, we are bombarded with excess information, creating a culture of confusion superimposed on being placed in a position to fail from the start.  On the one hand, we must advocate for ourselves; on the other hand, we’re left in the dark or often misled for someone else’s gain.  What to do?  How do we keep things simple, much less manageable?  Give us a try – we keep things practical yet based on sound rationale and science.   

What to Expect

     Simply contact us by email or phone, and we’ll arrange an initial evaluation – either in person or as a Virtual Visit for those who are outside of driving distance to our office.  We’ll discuss your health history, current status, and future goals, and create a game plan to help you get to where you want to go.  We customize it to your lifestyle and your needs, never imposing on our patients a cookie-cutter approach to nutritional wellness.  The more informative our patients are with us, the higher the yield of response we can provide to them.  Follow up plans are based on the individual’s management plan.



Is your nutritional counseling based largely or solely on raw food practices?

     No, it is not.  While it may be presented as an option for consideration, it is not a premeditated or primary foundation for any treatment plans.

How do you charge for these services?

     There is an initial evaluation fee, with lesser fees for follow up visits.  We also offer discounted fees for pre-purchased packages of sessions as well.

Is there any way of testing for my metabolism, to formulate an even more informative and customized treatment plan?

     Absolutely.  We have several forms of metabolic testing available, which provide powerful information about how your body is operating on a cellular level.  This type of information can be instrumental in personalizing an eating, exercise, and/or supplement plan specific to your body’s needs.  While it may not be always necessary to undergo this testing, it is certainly always an option.