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FDA Approved  <<>>  Research Based  <<>>  All Natural

No Side Effects  <<>>  No Interactions 

If you have one of the following:

• high blood pressure     • acute or chronic pain     • chronic fatigue

• insomnia                    • diabetes                       • depression

• anxiety                      • memory loss                 • arthritis

• heart failure                • asthma                         • snoring, sleep apnea

                                   • and more

...and you have interest in reducing or eliminating your prescription medications,
then you’ve come to the right place!

What are these 
Natural Medicines?

     We offer cutting edge, FDA regulated, clinical studies-supported products which are nutritionally based amino acids that produce neurotransmitters - the chemicals that allow nerves and other cells to communicate with each other. They address the nutritional requirements of your disease condition with little to no side effects or drug interactions as commonly seen in traditional prescription medicines. 
These natural medications allow many individuals the opportunity to substitute synthetic, side-effect laden prescription medicines with all-natural, side-effect free medicines. For others, these products can also be taken with your prescription medication, as necessary or as desired, to optimize efficacy and safety, while reducing or minimizing your dosage of the latter. 

     These natural medicines are only available through the ongoing supervision of a physician. 

I don’t live in your area. How can I get these natural medicines?

     Those who live locally are invited to visit us at our office in Hampton, NH. Our contact information is listed above at Contact Us.

     For those who are not local to our office, we offer virtual consultations. By using a secure, electronic health record based system that features live, video conferencing, distance is no longer an issue. As well, we encourage you to contact us for a FREE Skype-based initial visit, where we can introduce ourselves to each other, and get your questions answered in real time.

What is the cost?

Here’s the BEST part! These natural medicines are typically reimbursed by:

• Private Insurers
• Medicare Plans
• and even workers compensation!

The cost is no different to you than the copay you currently pay for your pharmaceutical medications!